CORRUTANK™ is a modular, drop in underground water detention and retention system solution for residential and commercial applications.

CORRUTANK™ is made in Tasmania and our in-house fabrication team can fabricate quality water storage for any custom requirements.

Applications Include:

  • Stormwater detention and retention for residential and commercial projects
  • Water detention and retention to support stormwater infrastructure
  • Water sump for management of undesirable liquids
  • filtration of oil and sand from car park runoff 
  • Pump well & chamber for getting water from a creek or river

Features and Benefits:

  • Flexible Capacity in diameters from 300mm to 2000mm
  • Customisable lenghts to suit your needs
  • Lightweight for effcient installation
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • In-line design offers flexibility for your site 
  • Trafficable
  • Confidence in strength from the ribbed design
  • Reduced exacvation depths
  • Customizable capacity
  • Vacuum truck compatibl