TURBO is the new pipe scraper patented by RITMO for pipes and fittings ranging from Ø 20 to 63 mm SDR 6 to 11.

TURBO is simple and easy to use. This incredible pipe scraper can work in confined spaces substantially reducing working times, especially during repair operations.

PS 180 & PS 400: Professional Rotary Scrapers

PS 180 and PS 400 are professional rotary scrapers, essential to prepare the plastic pipes and fittings before electrofusion welding.

The tools has an adjustable chuck covering all the Ø of the working range, and a blade holder orbital arm.
The PS series guarantees a constant and regular removal of the shaving.
The scrapers blade holder permits the scraping of the entire electrical sleeve’s lenght, most useful when doing on site repairs.


Manual Extruders Line Stargun is a complete extruder line able to offer the best technological solutions for Extrusion welding.

Stargun link models 20/30/40 according D.V.S. 2207-4 Quality, manageability, design. Three compact and user-friendly products. The right choice for those who put quality in first place.

EASY LIFE: Semi-Automatic Welding Process

Thanks to the special gearcase, the EASY LIFE system, can manage the welding process on a semi automatic way. The electronic system guarantees the continuous repeating of the welding cycles and automatically controls the preset parameters.

The EASY LIFE system can store up to 400 joint reports; it is possible to transfer the welding data to PC/Laptop through a serial port (USB adaptor connector available) and data-management software. A printer can be connected to the serial port, to obtain a welding report at the end of each welding cycle.
Data-logging incorporated.

Delta 630 All Terrain - RITMO Pipe and Fittings Fusion Machine

The Delta 630 All Terrain is the Pipe and Fittings Fusion Machine designed to face the toughest working conditions. Delta 630 All Terrain wants to mark a turning point to the world of Field Fusion. 

It stands out for being extremely easy to set up and work with. Take the heating plate and facer disconnecting system for example; the positioning / removal of the pipes is made without obstacles, giving the operator more time for what really matters. 


ELEKTRA is an high performance universal electrofusion machine, suitable for welding HDPE, PP, PP-R couplings (from 8 to 48 V). 

It is available in two versions: ELEKTRA 500, ELEKTRA 1000, and is composed of:

  • Machine body surrounded by a tubular steel frame, thus creating a protective structure while also useful for transport & cable winding
  • Large graphic display, with easy to read icons
  • Intuitive control panel 
  • Universal connectors; no need of adapters
  • GPS (on request) 
  • A laser scanner
  • Barcode reading system
  • Internal memory of 4000 welds; welding data can be generated in PDF format. 
  • the USB port allows updating the welder firmware, the reports download or a printer ESC-POS connection