Tough & Designed To Last With A Service Life Of 100+ Years!

CORRUTECH™ is a versatile, strong culvert HDPE pipe that is suited for rural, commercial, civil, industrial and residential use. It is light and easy to handle, both on site and in transport. The long 5.8 metre lengths each have a in-line socket on one end and spigot the other for ease of installation.

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Building new stormwater drain HDPE pipe systems? Or have other applications in mind? Learn more about the key features, applications, and product range of CORRUTECH.

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      CORRUTECH™ is a twin walled culvert pipe made from HDPE (high density polyethelene). Produced from an expertly developed plastic fabrication process, its interior sports a smooth bore for superior flow as well as ensuring there is less internal silt build-up. CORRUTECH™ is manufactured with a service life of 100+ years. CORRUTECH™ HDPE pipes come in a range of sizes from 160mm diameter up to as great as 2200mm. Dependent on the diameter, it can be purchased in SN2, SN4, SN8 and SN16. (Extension or other customisation are done with poly welder/electrofusion welder.)

      Corrutech Large Diameter Pipe


      Corrutech Fittings

      Within the Corrutech fittings range are Tee's, Junctions and Bends. These are moulded in 300mm and fabricated from there on. These fittings help to make Corrutech an end to end Stormwater solution!

      Corrutech Plastic Headwalls

      Our range of plastic headwalls are manufactured in house. These can be custom made to suit nearly every application. There are time efficiencies with installation, less heavy machinery is required and the WHS risk is reduced.

      Corrutech Fluming

      Corrutech fluming is a brilliant way to channel water to minimise erosion & silt build up. This can be done through paddocks, beside walking tracks, down embankments and road way cut outs.

      Corrutech Side Entry's

      Corrutech Side Entry's are ideal for taping PVC Stormwater pipe from a residential property into our Corrutech Stormwater trunk-main. They are available in sizes 110, 160 & 200mm. These fittings are also used for connecting down pipes from shed's and glass houses to a Corrutech trunk-main. This is a cost effective and speedy method of channeling bulk volumes of water from a roof to a dam or stream.

      Corrutech Concrete Products

      Our extensive range of concrete products allows Tefco Piping Systems to create a complete end to end system, with pits, headwalls & much more available.

      Corrudrain Pipe

      Within the Corrudrain Pipe range we have un-slotted, slotted and slotted and socked. these are available in a range of sizes and lengths. These are ideal for draining water from damp areas such as behind retaining walls, covered in V-drains, low lying wet lands, sport fields, road ways & many other applications. These can also be taped into our Corrutech Twin wall Stormwater pipe.

      Corrutech Slotted Drain Pipes

      Corrutech Slotted Twin Wall Pipes are straight 5.8m lengths of slotted pipe. They are primarily used for draining swamps & wet lands and for filling in large V-drains or table drains. This allows an existing creek be transferred from one end to the other as well as sub-surface water still being captured and drained away. as a result, center pivot irrigators can operate without requiring crossings over the drains. It also provides less disruption when cropping. Instead of cropping around a V-drain, you can crop over the top of it by using Corrutech Slotted Drain Pipe. Corrutech Side Entry Adaptors can be fitted so that small diameter ag-drain can be T'd in.






      What Our Customers Say

      We are very impressed with the Corrutech product range and will definitely be using it in the future.
      TAS Australia
      Very impressed with the service, speed of delivery and quality of product! We will definitely continue to use this product.
      Glenelg Shire
      VIC Australia
      The end to end customer service & attention to detail is the reason we continue to stock this product. They offer delivery to site for when we get larger orders and we can quickly get hold of our account manager when required to bounce any questions off.
      NSW Australia
      I like the Corrutech product and choose it over others due to the quick, reliable & seamless experience that Tefco offers.
      NSW Australia